About the Artist

Sculpture is not usually thought of as a narrative form. But I am a story teller. The telling employs the issues of the sculptural world, weight, density, proportion, how a material feels, and expressive ways of joining things together. The tales are driven by a deep need to tell my own experience of our times. I have a keen interest in science and technology and the ongoing evolution of humankind. Seeing the earth from space, our compulsion for combustion, swapping organs or growing new ones, engines, sacraments, the rich visual complexity of electrical transmission, the contrasts of the cosmic scale and that of the atom are all cues for my imagination.

Most every piece of material culture starts as a drawing. Cars, dresses, houses all began life as lines on paper. Drawing plays a major role in my work both to generate ideas and as a part of finished work in sculpture and on paper. I am always trying new ways of making drawing a physical presence in my work. I carve or incise lines so you can feel them. My sculpture and functional objects are as much for your hand as your eye. I need your participation: open a door, pull out a drawer, push a vehicle, look though a hole or run your fingers over an articulated surface. Like turning a page of a book, my stories unfold. I work alone, but I have my mentors - H. C. Westermann, Simon Rodea, the Asmat People, Wilhelm Reich, Paolo Uccello and Zen Gardens. I love making art . It is a serious challenge, and like all things serious, it’s also funny.


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